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Hanson St Apartments

Mt Cook, Wellington

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This five-storey social housing development balances budget and strict Housing New Zealand guidelines with clever planning to enhance quality of life for its residents.

On a 800 sq metre site, the 20 apartments (each between 45 and 55 sq metres) optimise light and space for tenants. The development is split into two blocks, each housing ten one-bedroom units. 

There's a shared community room in the rear courtyard for tenants' use and all units will have a sunny outdoor deck.

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Photos and video: Andy Spain (last image: Francis Lim)

Materials are robust and low maintenance, the concrete frame structure will be there for the long term. Exterior cladding combines terracotta tiles and cement sheet.

Located in the densely-built central city suburb of Mt Cook, the project sits respectfully in its neighbourhood and is ideally situated close to public transport and social services.